Amazon slashes prices at Whole Foods again

Amazon is lowering prices on additional grocery items and holiday staples at Whole Foods Market stores, including organic and no-antibiotic turkeys, just in time for Thanksgiving. The lower prices will be extended to all customers, while Prime members will receive even deeper discounts. The online giant referred to the move as a sneak preview of the special savings and in-store benefits it plans on offering to members once Prime becomes the official rewards program of Whole Foods Market.

“These are the latest new lower prices in our ongoing integration and innovation with Amazon, and we're just getting started,” said John Mackey, Whole Foods Market cofounder and CEO. “In the few months we've been working together, our partnership has proven to be a great fit. We'll continue to work closely together to ensure we're consistently surprising and delighting our customers while moving toward our goal of reaching more people with Whole Foods Market's high-quality, natural and organic food.”

Whole Foods Market customers will also pay less for value pack boneless skinless chicken breasts (organic and no antibiotic), responsibly farmed raw peeled shrimp and 365-brand canned pumpkin, organic broccoli, 1-lb. organic salad mixes, organic russet potatoes, organic sweet potatoes. Whole Foods Market will also be lowering prices on the entire line of Pasture Raised Eggs from Vital Farms, including their Vital Farms and Alfresco Brands.


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