Amplify Snack Brands aims to capture millennial snacking opportunity

AUSTIN, Texas — A new national study by Amplify Snack Brands and the Center for Generational Kinetics discovered that millennials have been the driving force behind the growth of the better-for-you snack category. Thanks to these health conscious and influential consumers, who are defining how we snack and what to expect from our snacks, better-for-you choices are now sought after by a mainstream audience.

The fact is millennials consume healthy snacks more often than any other demographic, according to the report. At least 55% of millennials ate at least three better-for-you snacks in the past week, and 89% of millennials are grabbing at least one healthy snack each week. And the majority of those snacking purchases (77%) are being made at traditional or natural grocery stores.

Some characteristics defining the millennial approach to snacking include never sacrificing taste (89%) and appreciating the simplicity in fewer, easy-to-understand ingredients (64% believe fewer ingredients translate into "better for you"). Millennials are also highly influenced both by social media and their role as new parents and, therefore, stewards of the next snacking generation. In fact, 68% of millennials have recommended a better-for-you snack to someone else, and 66% of millennials have received such a recommendation and acted on it.

Amplify Snack Brands identified four key takeaways as part of its report, titled "The National 2017 Better for You Snacking Study." First, packaging matters more than ever. The national study found that millennials want fewer and healthier ingredients listed right on the package rather than having to look up healthy labels on their smartphones. Second, nutritional value trumps sugary content.

Third, moms are key. They've been the health-and-wellness gatekeepers for generations and that hasn't changed among millennials.

Finally, millennials aren't price sensitive with regard to healthier snacks. They understand that sometimes, premium expectations come with a premium pricepoint, the report noted.


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