Atlas launches environmentally friendly tissue line

MIAMI — Atlas Tissue, a branded and private-label products producer for at-home and away-from-home channels, has introduced Green Heritage, a line of recycled tissue products for the at-home market.

The company aims to change the way consumers view recycled products with the new premium 100% recycled tissue line.

The Green Heritage brand was designed with environmentally conscious consumers in mind. The first-in-class product is additive-free and septic-safe and manufactured with recycled pulp.

“When comparing Green Heritage products to those of our competitors, third-party testing confirmed that our bath tissue is brighter, thicker and stronger than the leading recycled bath tissues on the market,” stated André Piché, SVP, Tissue Business Group, for Resolute Forest Products, Atlas Tissue’s parent company. “We are confident consumers will appreciate the quality and comfort of our new recycled product line.”


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