Food Lion launches ‘Quarter Back’ promotion

SALISBURY, N.C. — Food Lion is launching a “Quarter Back” promotion that saves shoppers a quarter with every private brand item they purchase from now through Oct. 10, up to $10. Additionally, a purchase of at least four private brand products with a personal MVP card will earn shoppers a coupon good on their next shopping trip.

The promotion not only encourages shoppers to try the grocer’s vast assortment of more than 7,000 private brand items, but also gives them incentive to return to its stores. It’s also an opportunity for Food Lion to reinforce its promise of quality and freshmen, bolstered by its double-your-money-back guarantee. Shoppers who are not completely satisfied with a product can return it to their local Food Lion store for double their money back — a measure that exudes a confident message in the curated selection that offers value beyond price.

In 2015, Food Lion redesigned its private label packaging under the Food Lion brand, so items could be easy to find. Updated package designs include Guiding Stars nutritional information added to the front panel. The company also expanded its private brand offerings to include fresh produce.

Food Lion's complete family of private brands, which are eligible for the promotion, include:

  • Food Lion brand: Products include produce, meat, dairy and bakery.
  • Nature's Place: Natural and organic products that are free from more than 100 artificial ingredients.
  • Taste of Inspirations: Premium brand quality products.
  • Home 360: Quality, non-food products include batteries, fire logs and charcoal, as well as Home 360 Pet items and Home 360 Baby items.
  • Healthy Accents: Health and beauty products.
  • Cha-Ching: Basic items to help customers meet their budget, including paper products, cookies, bread, sugar, oil, spices, dressings, condiments, peanut butter, toaster pastries, apple juice cocktail, chips and laundry and cleaning products.
  • Etos: A range of premium health and beauty products built on European heritage.

Shoppers can take advantage of the deal as many times as they’d like during the promotion period, through Oct. 10. A minimum of four private brand items must be purchased for the promotion to apply, not to exceed 40 items, or $10 in savings, in one shopping trip using a personal MVP card. Random weight items are not eligible for the promotion. Coupons received may be used on the customer's next shopping trip, but may not be used on the same day. All coupons are valid two weeks from issue date.


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