H-E-B wins with fun, customer-sourced own brand commercial campaign

SAN ANTONIO — Who says giving away free cookies can't be a lucrative endeavor? It’s certainly the case for a San Antonio man whose inventive video earned him $25,000 and a spot in a H‑E‑B commercial.

For months, creative Texans took their shots at producing catchy videos about their favorite H‑E‑B Primo Picks products as part of the H‑E‑B Primo Picks Video Showdown Contest. After video submissions poured in from across the Lone Star State, the pool was reduced to 10 finalists and Texans were encouraged to vote for their favorite. The top three videos were selected, and the grand‑prize winner, Wilfred Shipley, hails from the Alamo City.

"H‑E‑B Primo Picks are one‑of‑a‑kind products our customers love as much as we do," stated Cory Basso, H‑E‑B group VP marketing and advertising. "Texans jumped at the chance to showcase their favorite items with some fun videos that capture the unique spirit of our H‑E‑B Primo Picks."

In the winning spot above, an adult with a sweet tooth meets a young entrepreneur giving away free chocolate chip cookies. Eventually, the adult, who takes advantage of the offer and has a mouthful of cookies, is bested by the youngster who offers the man a cup of H‑E‑B MooTopia Milk — for a price. The funny exchange ends with the impressed adult simply muttering, "Well played."

In the second place video below, a band of H‑E‑B enthusiasts playing in a studio struggles with a song. Looking to get the creative juices flowing, the singer sips on a glass of H‑E‑B MooTopia Milk, inspiring a groovy jam session about the Primo Picks item.

During the 2017 Super Bowl, H‑E‑B launched a statewide contest that encouraged Texans to create and submit entertaining videos, featuring their favorite H‑E‑B Primo Picks. With more than 4,000 selections at H‑E‑B stores across Texas, Primo Picks are one‑of‑a‑kind products featured monthly with new items introduced throughout the year.

As part of the video contest, Texans were encouraged to vote for a chance to win groceries from H‑E‑B for an entire year.

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