Increasing shelf presence via innovative design

GREEN BAY, Wis. — The winning formula behind any private brand is simple: delivering quality that matches, or even exceeds, national brands at more affordable, attractive prices. But how can a private brand stand out on store shelves while keeping marketing costs down? One way is to refresh existing packaging. DesignMax, a WS Packaging value-added service, may be a viable solution for companies that want to breathe new life into their private label offering.

"The DesignMax tool allows our staff artists to work directly with clients to provide them with suggestions and technological enhancements to their art to help improve the brand's appearance on the shelf," said Charlie Eitel, CEO, WS Packaging Group. "With our knowledge and capabilities in advanced printing technology, combined with our design staff, we can offer breakout designs the customer may not even have known were possible."

Whether it's a new design or an update of an existing one, DesignMax offers a flexible, cost-effective process designed to engage new audiences and increase shelf presence. WS Packaging uses DesignMax to enhance designs within any industry — from cosmetics, health care and household goods to wine and spirits.

The DesignMax process incorporates updated guidelines, new techniques in construction, design prototypes and technical capabilities to enhance or transform labels and packages. The process is ideal for brand updates, graphic updates or entirely new brand concepts. DesignMax also offers clients a market testing capability for up to 10 new designs versus previous designs and competitive products. Design options include folding carton sleeves, heat-changing label colorations, "hour glass" timer labels and geo-location identifiers in real-time.

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