Lowe’s launches monitoring service for Iris smart home security system

MOORESVILLE, N.C. — Lowe’s has launched a professional monitoring service at the market-leading price of $14.95 a month for its private brand Iris smart home security system.

The service gives residential customers the ability to have emergency responders dispatched to their homes in the event of a security, smoke, carbon monoxide or panic alarm without having to sign a long-term contract. The launch of professional monitoring is part of an expanded set of features, devices and services that Iris is introducing to address smart home customers’ interest in home security, including:

  • A new Alarm Tracker feature within the Iris user experience, which allows users to track security, smoke, carbon monoxide and panic alarm activity in their home quickly, and to easily see when help is on the way in an emergency situation.
  • Two new premium, pet-immune motion sensors from Bosch that can be manually configured to adjust the sensitivity of motion detection that now integrate with Iris.
  • Iris’ cellular backup service, which means Iris users’ systems stay connected even if their internet service provider fails. An approved cellular modem purchase is required to enable this backup service.

“Our goal is to help our customers feel safer and more secure in their homes by combining professional monitoring with all the benefits of a smart home. Smart home security doesn’t have to be a luxury — we believe in delivering the best value without the hassle and expense of a long-term contract and high monthly fees,” said Mick Koster, VP and general manager of Iris. “Our easy-to-install, DIY system means customers choose exactly what they want, exactly how they want it, for the most affordable and complete smart home of their dreams.”

Iris products

Lowe’s is partnering with United Central Control, a Five Diamond-rated central monitoring station, to offer the service. To enroll, current Iris security users can log in to the Iris web interface, www.irisbylowes.com, and update their service plan. For a limited time, prospective customers can purchase an Iris Security Starter Pack for $99 and receive the Smart Hub (valued at $69.99) free. Customers are guided through a setup process once they download the free Iris app, so users can monitor and control their smart home security system from their smartphone or computer.

Current devices that are able to be professionally monitored include Iris contact sensors, Iris motion sensors, Iris keypads, Utilitech glass break sensors, Nyce Hinge & Tilt sensors, the Iris garage door controller, the new Bosch premium motion sensors, Halo and First Alert smoke and CO detectors and other security sensors that have the “works with Iris” brand icon.

Customers should also contact their homeowners’ insurance carrier to check availability for additional discounts on their policy. Iris professional monitoring is now available in certain zip codes in 44 states. Iris will continue to expand availability to new markets throughout the year.

Iris has updated its three service plans to provide even greater value for its customers with the addition of new features. Users have the flexibility to change their plan at any time as their needs change.

  • Basic service, offered free, is intended for the majority of Iris users and includes everything needed to monitor and control a home. This plan now includes the ability to create Rules and Scenes for greater smart home control and automation, and the Favorites bar, which is a popular feature among current users.
  • Premium service, offered at $9.99 per month, includes all the features of Basic plus a few advanced features designed for the smart home fans who want even more control and knowledge of their home. This plan now includes a new History Visualization feature that enables customers to more quickly see activity in their home as well as other key features such as the Care service to enable monitoring of any disruptions to loved ones’ daily routines, camera recording and the new Alarm Tracker feature. Camera recording has been expanded to include an additional 1GB of storage, bringing the total allotment to 3GB per account.
  • Professional monitoring service, offered for $14.95 per month, is a new all-inclusive Iris service plan that includes all the features of Premium, plus cellular backup service and 24/7 monitoring of your home for security, smoke, carbon monoxide and panic alarms. This plan is for the homeowner who wants to rely on the professionals to keep their home protected.

Because Iris also works with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, all Iris customers can use their voice to control their homes at no additional cost.

Iris Lighting Pack

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