Own brand maven founds new consulting company in International Expertise

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Private brand maven Mike Hackbarth on Wednesday announced the formation of a new consulting company, International Expertise, to provide strategic domestic and interational private brand expertise for companies seeking to strive in the U.S. own brand market.

Hackbarth has 25 years experience developing own brands, most recently as VP private brand at Fremont Company. And while International Expertise continues to provide the Fremont Company with international sales management support, the new consulting company is currently expanding its client base.

There is significant upside across the underdeveloped U.S. own brand market, Hackbarth noted. "America's retail food business continues to consolidate and is experiencing significant channel fragmentation," Hackbarth noted. "At 6.6%, U.S. consumers spend the lowest share of their total expenditures on food consumed at home in the world," he noted. "The changing domestic retail landscape and significant opportunities outside the U.S. have led proactive food manufacturers to find alternative trade channels for incremental sales and profits."

International Expertise will provide executives a comprehensive understanding of the domestic and export private brand industry. The company will also partner with clients to conduct comprehensive business evaluations of their customer base, products, packaging, operational capabilities, sales initiatives, marketing support and internal systems to improve or develop strategic business plans or new business. International Expertise may also serve as a key sales liasion for extisting relationships and a key driver of business development with new customers, trade channels and product opportunities, Hackbarth added.


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