Pooki's Mahi aims to reward loyalty via Customer for Life Program

Pooki's Mahi this week launched the Customer for Life Program to reward repeat customers for loyalty, continuous feedback to improve 100% Kona coffee pods, white truffle salts, custom tea blends and private label products channel.

"Pooki's Mahi's aims to spoil repeat customers and coffee subscribers through the Customer for Life Program. The customer appreciation program is Pooki's Mahi's way of thanking loyal customers for loyalty and providing insightful feedback to improve Kona coffee pods, private label single serve tea pods and the existing ecommerce platform. Pooki's Mahi executives consistently reaches out to coffee subscribers and private label customers to obtain features and a list of improvements," said founder and CEO Les Magsalay-Zeller.

The Silicon Valley executive explained that customer feedback was integrated into Pooki's Mahi’s 2017 company roadmap, which has resulted in an increase in coffee subscribers and repeat customers from brand recognition for manufacturing luxury private label products. “Pooki's Mahi prioritized integrating digital marketing, technology, and supply chain in an updated ecommerce platform. A core cultural manifesto of Pooki's Mahi is to deliver high customer value. Pooki's Mahi delivers consistently because the company understands the customer journey," added Magsalay-Zeller.

Pooki's Mahi launched the Customer for Life Program in beta in 2016 to the 100% Kona coffee subscribers, celebrity brand influencers and select private label customers. But the company has now expanded the program to include all customers. Orders fulfilled by Pooki's Mahi qualify for the customer appreciation program.

There is no fee or additional shipping charges to customers who qualify. Customers who placed every sixth order on Pooki's Mahi, Walmart and orders fulfilled by Pooki's Mahi on Amazon are enrolled in Pooki's Mahi Customer for Life program. The program also applies to nonsubscribers. Pooki's Mahi coffee subscribers receive a complimentary shipment of one variety pack of Hawaiian Kona coffee pods on six-month coffee subscription plans.

The company will ship one variety pack of Hawaiian coffee pods or truffle salts to repeat customers every month to qualifying customers. It may ship pre-launched products such as the upcoming private label tea pods or the Matcha Matcha Man collection of green tea inspired products. Tea, salt, Kona coffee variety packs are based on previous orders.

Pooki's Mahi and systems from online retailers will reconfirm the number of orders placed. Pooki's Mahi customer success team schedules shipments from Sunday through Thursday for repeat customers the last week of each month.


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