Shoppimon’s new tool lets ecommerce sites size up the competition

COPENHAGEN, Denmark — Shoppimon today unveiled its Online Health and Usability Index at Shoptalk Europe.

The OSHU Index, according to Shoppimon, provides the ecommerce industry with benchmark rankings on top online retailers based on store site performance and shopability. It also provides insights into the inner workings of ecommerce sites such as Sephora, Starbucks and Walmart, giving brands and retailers the opportunity to compare their stores to their competitors’ both within their vertical category and overall, the company added.

The OSHU Index examines KPIs such as site speed, server downtime, business downtime or the percentage of time a purchase cannot be completed on the site, as well as technical issues to see what the industry is both struggling with and succeeding in. The index is created using the OSHU Score, which is a proprietary algorithm developed by Shoppimon that evaluates an ecommerce site on a scale of 1 to 100.

The newly launched OSHU Index compares online stores within nine vertical industry categories, including apparel, automotive supplies, beauty, consumer electronics, department store, food and beverage, health-and-wellness, home and garden and jewelry.

“Top performing online stores on the Shoppimon OSHU Index like Summit Racing, which earned the top spot on our inaugural ranking, are able to maintain lightning fast speed with minimal downtime and disruption for shoppers,” said Roy Rosinnes, CEO and co-founder of Shoppimon. “With a full load time of 0.36 seconds and zero business downtime, Summit Racing deserves kudos for providing a great brand experience for consumers as well as maximizing bottom line sales. Shoppimon will be updating the OSHU Index monthly as an educational resource for the ecommerce industry, to help educate site owners and operators on best practices in running a stable, highly profitable online store that surpasses customer expectations.”

The Top 10 Shoppimon OSHU Index overall winners for September 2017 are:

  1. Summit Racing, OSHU Score: 99.10 (Category: automotive supplies)
  2. Saatva Mattress, OSHU Score: 98.67 (Category: home and garden)
  3. Birchbox, OSHU Score: 98.66 (Category: beauty)
  4. Toyota, OSHU Score: 98.25 (Category: automotive supplies)
  5. Whole Foods Market, OSHU Score: 98.24 (Category: food and beverage)
  6. Dollar Shave Club, OSHU Score: 98.08 (Category: health-and-wellness)
  7. J.Crew, OSHU Score: 97.47 (Category: apparel)
  8. J.C. Penney, OSHU Score: 97.45 (Category: department store)
  9., OSHU Score: 97.14 (Category: food and beverage)
  10. lookfantastic, OSHU Score: 97.13 (Category: beauty)

The 10 overall winners include a diverse group of brands. Seven of the nine vertical categories evaluated made it into the Top 10. Of these leaders, the strongest performing vertical categories are automotive supplies, beauty and food and beverage, with two online stores each. Notably, no jewelry or consumer electronics sites made it into the Top 10. Additionally, no site in the Top 10 had business downtime more than 0.1%, and all had 0% server downtime during the time evaluated.

The top three performers by category are as follows:


  1. J.Crew, OSHU Score: 97.47
  2. ASOS, OSHU Score: 96.94
  3. Talbots, OSHU Score: 96.78

Automotive supplies

  1. Summit Racing, OSHU Score: 99.10,
  2. Toyota, OSHU Score: 98.25,
  3. Tire Rack, OSHU Score: 95.47


  1. Birchbox, OSHU Score: 98.66
  2. lookfantastic, OSHU Score: 97.13
  3. Beauty Bay, OSHU Score: 97.02

Consumer electronics

  1. Fitbit, OSHU Score: 95.77
  2. Samsung, OSHU Score: 95.56
  3. Apple, OSHU Score: 93.70

Department store

  1. J.C. Penney, OSHU Score: 97.45
  2. Marks & Spencer, OSHU Score: 96.86
  3. Sears, OSHU Score: 96.62

Food and beverage

  1. Whole Foods Market, OSHU Score: 98.24
  2., OSHU Score: 97.14
  3. SodaStream, OSHU Score: 94.97


  1. Dollar Shave Club, OSHU Score: 98.08
  2. iHerb, OSHU Score: 97.09
  3. Weight Watchers, OSHU Score: 95.06

Home and garden

  1. Saatva Mattress, OSHU Score: 98.67
  2. Wayfair, OSHU Score: 95.09
  3. RH, OSHU Score: 94.34


  1. Ritani, OSHU Score: 96.83
  2. Tiffany & Co., OSHU Score: 94.16
  3. Zales, OSHU Score: 92.81

Shoppimon left Amazon out of its overall OSHU Index because it behaves like a huge online mall — with many independent and separately managed storefronts that are available to shoppers 24/7, rather than online equivalents of brick-and-mortar stores, the company explained.

Shoppimon did monitor a small sample of Amazon stores to determine if Amazon’s “gold standard” in customer experience extends to its onsite shopping performance. The Amazon stores Shoppimon evaluated received an average OSHU Score of 92.08, nearly 4 points ahead of the average score of the full index, but was 6 points behind OSHU's Top 3(#1. Summit Racing, OSHU Score: 99.10, #2. Saatva Mattress, OSHU Score: 98.67, and #3 Birchbox, OSHU Score: 98.66). Shoppimon plans to expand its sample size of Amazon stores in the future to better understand how Amazon is performing.

Retailers can check how their own sites compare to OSHU Index winners or competitors by clicking here.

The Shoppimon OSHU Index consists of two different categories: the Overall Top 10 Performer list, as well as Top 10 lists in each of nine vertical categories. Rankings are compiled monthly, using Shoppimon’s OSHU Index data. The data reflected in this first ranking was collected from Aug. 21, 2017 and Sept. 20, 2017. Ninety-two sites are currently being monitored for Shoppimon’s OSHU Index, and additional stores will be added each month.


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