Through RefreshinQ, Ritzman Pharmacy launches unique VMS proposition

WADSWORTH, Ohio — Ritzman Pharmacy is in the process of launching a new line of own brand supplements that are customized to the individual patient through its division RefreshinQ, the retailer shared with Own Brands Now. "RefreshinQ is the future of Ritzman and [represents] how we're positioning ourselves differently," noted George Glatcz, president and COO Ritzman Pharmacy. "It's changing the way we do business," he said.

"The most perplexing look on a customer's face is when they're standing in front of the vitamin and supplement aisle. ... There're a thousand SKUs of different types of vitamins and supplements. They have no clue what they need [and] they're so confused," Glatcz said. Ritzman's pharmacists provide a powerful and personalized experience through this program when they counsel those supplement buyers either in conjunction with the advice dispensed by their individual practitioner or regarding what consumers have heard from the latest Dr. Oz telecast.

The company is tailoring supplements to individual patients through a partnership with InsideTracker, which harnesses a database of more than 150,000 healthy people, peer-reviewed research and a deep nutrition database to define optimal health recommendations for all types of people.

"The RQ Program, powered by InsideTracker, empowers people to be their best through personalized nutrition," said Royi Metser, business development manager, InsideTracker. "Gone are the days of generic, one-size-fits-all diets. With InsideTracker, RQ Health Coaches will guide customers to take the guesswork out of their nutrition by relying on the power of scientific insights. We are thrilled to be part of this exciting journey to help customers reach their personal health, wellness, fitness and life goals. "

RQ starts with a simple baseline health analysis from the user, including information about individual hydration, energy, blood pressure, heart rate and weight. After baseline analysis, RQ users are given a code to redeem for blood analysis performed at an approved facility.

The blood test will analyze as many as 30 biomarkers, Glatcz told Own Brands Now, as part of a $279 offering that includes three months of dietary supplements and professional health consultations with Ritzman pharmacists. “Our pharmacists [will] become coaches to help guide people through whatever their wellness goals are,” he said.

"The RQ Program, powered by InsideTracker, empowers people to be their best through personalized nutrition.”

Results from InsideTracker's blood analysis are delivered within one week. From there, users are assigned a personal RQ Health Coach who helps users build a customized health and nutrition program to aid in replenishing and optimizing total health. The biomarkers evaluated by InsideTracker's blood analysis directly affect overall health-and-wellness, and can be positively affected by making changes to nutrition, exercise and lifestyle. Users can expect to see results reflected in their biomarkers within three months, at which time a new blood analysis is recommended to continue making impactful decisions.

For an additional fee, RQ provides a White Glove Service that brings the safe blood testing to users outside Ritzman Pharmacy's Ohio market, in states including Hawaii, Maine, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island and South Dakota. The White Glove Service is also available to users outside of these states.

In addition, Ritzman has incorporated a prepackage service into the RQ Program, where customers can use an adherence tool initially designed to keep multiple medications organized to help keep track of their vitamins and supplements. "We've taken that technology and [applied] it to the supplement lines," Glatcz said. "Instead of people having six vitamin bottles, we'll prepackage them for them and they can have it in one packet instead of in a bottle." Supplement buyers can customize that pack mix directly through, where a 30-day supply of between five and seven supplements will cost $69.99.

The RefreshinQ line also features three patches — an energy patch, a weight support patch and a vitamin D patch — that deliver the supplements transdermally. "So [for] people who can't take pills, we've provided an alternative," Glatz said.

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