Transnational Foods adopts ReposiTrak food safety compliance management solution

SALT LAKE CITY — Transnational Foods is adopting ReposiTrak's compliance management system to manage records from its upstream suppliers.

Transnational Foods sells canned and packaged food products from 25 different countries to supermarkets, dollar stores and other distributors throughout the United States and overseas. With distribution centers in Miami and six other cities, Transnational sells its own brands — Pampa, Della Natura, So Natural and Tummy Treats — and packages private label lines.

“Food safety has always been a top priority at Transnational Foods and this is a cost effective solution to perfectly comply with FSMA requirements,” said Carlos Gomez, director of research and development for Transnational Foods. “Since we were already using ReposiTrak to share documents with downstream customers, it just made sense to expand our use of the system to collect and manage documents from our own upstream suppliers as well.”

ReposiTrak is a wholly owned subsidiary of Park City Group and helps manage regulatory, financial and brand risk associated with issues of safety in the supply chain. Powered by Park City Group's technology, the platform consists of two systems:

  • Compliance management not only receives, stores and shares documentation, but also manages compliance through dashboards and alerts for missing or expired documents.
  • Track and Trace identifies product ingredients and their supply chain path in the unfortunate event of a product recall. It can reduce the risk in the supply chain by identifying backward chaining sources and forward chaining recipients of products in near real time.

“ReposiTrak's advanced, industry-standard compliance tracking solution is the main reason suppliers like Transnational Foods are choosing ReposiTrak to manage their own upstream supply chains,” said Randall K. Fields, chairman and CEO of Park City Group. “Their commitment to food safety and supply chain transparency make us proud to have them utilize our system.”


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